10 Incredible tools for building your agency’s digital content strategy

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Yes, content is still king! But content alone isn’t going to bring that optimal ROI you’ve been telling your clients about. As a marketer, you should know that content without a strategy is like a king without his cavalry. Over 90 percent of marketers use content marketing to attract and capture leads. However, only 41 percent of B2B Marketers have a documented digital content strategy in place. If you’re not part of the latter group, something needs to change.

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Your first step to a Marketing Strategy Roadmap: The Brand Blueprint

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As an entrepreneur that had, at some point, defined your product or service, you now feel ready to start showing it off to the world.  You want to start churning out content, attracting traffic that will turn into leads and convert to customers before they even know what hit them. If only B2B marketing would be that simple…Read More


How HubSpot helps you reach your marketing goals

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When your business is expanding, it’s vital to equip your team with the right tools to manage and scale marketing and sales efforts. After all, there’s little reason to undertake initiatives if you can’t keep them organized or measure their success. If you’re at that point in your business, you’ve likely heard about HubSpot services and how the platform can help you reach your marketing goals. Maybe you’ve even tested it out and decided to dive in deeper. Or you know nothing about it at all.

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5 Marketing automation tips for successful B2B tech companies

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B2B tech companies often find it difficult to generate quality leads and convert them into sales with marketing automation. This struggle can be the result of poorly combined marketing strategies and a lack of documented marketing processes. Ironically, you can be very good at streamlining business operations for your clients, and yet, not see how to apply the same rules for your marketing.

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COVID-19 crisis communications for B2B brands

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With the current COVID-19 global pandemic, crisis communications are suddenly one of the many new things businesses are finding themselves wrestling with. It’s understandable. Knowing what to say to your clients, leads, and other list members — and if you should say something at all — is an incredible challenge. There is no single “right” thing to say, but there are plenty of wrong things that could come off as tone-deaf, insensitive, oblivious, or worse — creating negative, lasting repercussions for your brand.

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What’s the deal with white papers?!

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B2B tech marketing can’t thrive on blog posts and infographics alone. While short-form content is essential in any content marketing strategy, it’s not enough to generate the type of engagement necessary when selling tech products. You need heavier content that describes pain points, teaches and suggests solutions based on substantial research and documentation — content like white papers. White paper creation stays at the heart of inbound marketing for technology companies. That’s because, in this niche, the customer’s journey is long and complex, and B2B buyers need tons of information before they make a purchasing decision.

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16 Ways YOU are killing your business

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I meet a lot of other marketers. At trade shows. Events. Conferences. Get-togethers. You name it. And one thing I’ve noticed a lot of them have in common is that they are killing their businesses. Whether you run your own marketing agency or you work with a team, this is an all too common problem. And you – like a lot of marketers I meet – probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. Below you’ll find some of the common mistakes I see in other marketers, and hopefully it’ll help you realize your own before it’s too late!

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4 inexpensive ideas for marketing your marketing agency

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With a tight budget and a desire to get the most out of your inbound marketing efforts, it’s hard to know where to start when you want to market your marketing agency. We’ve been there! So we came up with a list of great ways to get the best ROI for your money. 

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