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A Facebook page is NOT an alternative to a website

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I can’t believe I need to say it, but a Facebook page is NOT an alternative to a website for your business! That Facebook page was sure easy to make, and maybe it even has some activity, but it’s not a replacement for a regular website. Why?

It’s harder for search.

I’m not just talking about SEO. I’m talking about real folks wanting to find you online. If you are a home cleaning business in Las Vegas and someone searches “home cleaning business Las Vegas,” you may not end up anywhere in the search results. And if you have a common business name, folks may not even be able to find you when looking for you by name…even on Facebook.

It doesn’t look legit.

Anyone can make a Facebook page; that doesn’t mean they are a legitimate business. Although anyone can make a website, by using resources to develop an attractive, easy-to-use site with helpful information, you look like a professional, legitimate enterprise.

It doesn’t give enough information.

You can flood your wall with team member bios, your business’ story, FAQs, and other information folks normally find on a website. But your visitors won’t be able to find this information—it will just get buried, and no one will do that much clicking and scrolling to find it.

It’s a place for conversation.

Social media channels are a place to be social, so your Facebook wall is basically a place for give and take between your business and your customers, fans, and prospects. Sometimes these conversations get nasty with folks leaving bad feedback or airing the dirty laundry of less than ideal customer service situations. If you direct all clients here, you can’t guarantee you are giving a good impression.

Not everyone uses Facebook.

Not everyone is on Facebook, and some have it but prefer not to use it. A traditional site is what you need to interact with these folks.

Facebook will fade.

It already is, as younger folks have requisite profiles but don’t actively use it. And it may actually just eventually disappear, one day after fading into obscurity MySpace-style. Your business’s web presence will go along with it.


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