How HubSpot helps you reach your marketing goals

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When your business is expanding, it’s vital to equip your team with the right tools to manage and scale marketing and sales efforts. After all, there’s little reason to undertake initiatives if you can’t keep them organized or measure their success. If you’re at that point in your business, you’ve likely heard about HubSpot services and how the platform can help you reach your marketing goals. Maybe you’ve even tested it out and decided to dive in deeper. Or you know nothing about it at all.

Regardless of where you stand, the most important thing to know is that when it comes to sales and marketing, the benefits of HubSpot are myriad, to say the least—but more on that later.

First, we’ll try to answer the three biggest questions most folks have about HubSpot.

So, what is HubSpot? It’s a dynamic stack of software tools focused on three main areas: marketing, sales, and customer service. You can use them individually, but they’re much more powerful when used together.

Why should you rely on it to attract website visitors, increase conversions, and close sales? Because it’s one of the most intuitive, organized, and robust platforms for gaining business insight. Plus, it enables you to manage data, communications, and campaigns, and coordinate your efforts unilaterally. 

Finally, can the marketing subscription truly help you streamline marketing and increase ROI? The short answer is yes, absolutely! While every organization is different, HubSpot’s marketing subscription was designed to accommodate a wide variety of industries and businesses. It will rock your marketing regardless of what you sell or who your target audience is. 

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at what the platform can do for your business. 

Effective customer relationship management 


Knowing your audience is one of the pillars of any good marketing strategy. The more you learn about your potential customers and their habits, the easier it will be to market them. 

Ideally, you want to know more than basic demographics. That means digging into pain points, professional goals, the tools potential clients are already using, and people’s current approaches to solving problems that are relevant to your business. 

The more prospects you have, the more information you need to process before you understand how your clients think. To go through all that data manually, you’d need an army of employees and thousands of work hours. Plus, you’d also have to handle miscommunications, omissions, and data-entry errors—because when things can go wrong, they will. 

Not only does HubSpot gather and store information about your ideal clients, but it also helps you sort data, identify patterns, and track every interaction that a potential client has with your brand. Everything happens in one place, and as a consequence, you can finally align your marketing and sales departments. Your teams get quick access to all the data they need, right when they need it. You eliminate spreadsheets, emails, and the never-ending manual work necessary to go through all that information. 

Content management


HubSpot’s CMS is a lot more than a fancy tool for managing the company blog. If you don’t use it because you don’t have time for migration, you may be missing opportunities to monetize your content.   

HubSpot integrates all your website tools in one place, making content management easy and efficient. It’s one of those quick wins that requires little effort when you have the right guidance. So, migrating to the new CMS should be one of the priorities after adoption, as it saves you time, money, and all the hassle of keeping your website 100% functional—let alone optimized!

After the transition, designing and managing website pages becomes quick and easy. That’s because the platform comes with a series of dedicated tools and features for managing websites. You have themes, SEO recommendations, and even a drag-and-drop editor that allows anyone to design pages without writing a line of code. 

Sure, WordPress has pretty much the same functionality, but why bother? HubSpot was built for marketers, so it incorporates more SEO features that can help you rank in search results. Plus, all tools are built-in, so you don’t need to add, update, or fix plugins to improve your rankings.  

Email marketing and segmentation 


Email marketing continues to be the most lucrative strategy marketers can use to get in touch with prospects and clients. And, its ease of use is one of the most appreciated HubSpot benefits.

An immediate advantage comes from the fact that you can design your emails the way you want without hiring a developer. With a quick setup, every HubSpot email marketing campaign can be on-brand and have that professional look that builds trust among recipients. And since the platform uses responsive design, your emails will look great and provide an excellent user experience across all devices.  

One of the greatest HubSpot benefits comes from building actual email marketing strategies around your contacts. It allows you to segment your audience based on multiple criteria and send personalized emails to specific categories of recipients in your email list.  Keeping email lists updated requires some behind-the-scenes work, but it’s nothing compared to sorting thousands of email addresses manually. 

Last but not least, you can continuously optimize your email campaigns using analytics and A/B testing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re probably missing opportunities to connect with a significant number of your contacts and help them move down the funnel. 

Social media 


HubSpot makes it easy to implement any social media strategy, as it allows you to manage all your social networks in one place. You can schedule posts in advance, monitor messages and mentions across channels, track engagement, and evaluate results. It significantly reduces the hours necessary to maintain an active presence online. That means you get to cut costs and enjoy a better view of all your social marketing efforts, making it easy to measure ROI and implement more to-the-point communication strategies. 

Workflows and lead nurturing 


HubSpot has revolutionized the concept of lead nurturing through marketing automation. Its workflows enable marketers to provide value and build relationships with prospects in a way that can be personalized and even dictated by the recipient’s interactions with the brand. 

Automation streamlines communication and gives marketers control over how they interact with prospects at the same time. The automated follow-up system doesn’t sacrifice the human side of communication for increasing sales, either. It only makes communication more personal and efficient, resulting in shorter sales cycles and more qualified leads. Plus, with the insights gained from your other marketing efforts, you’ll better understand what stage of the buyer’s journey each prospect is in so you can provide them with the right information at the right time. 

Fortunately, nearly all facets of HubSpot were built with the buyer’s journey in mind. The platform comes with tools that allow you to publish all types of content necessary for each stage and integrate all formats in your lead nurturing campaign for increased efficiency. You can use HubSpot for almost everything, from publishing a blog post to hosting webinars and promoting your events. 

Creating functional workflows requires a great understanding of HubSpot, but the return on your learning efforts is worth the investment. Automated workflows spare the repetitive tasks and make your marketing model scalable, making it easy for you to manage thousands of leads in a lesser amount of time.    



If you want to win the marketing game, analytics are your secret weapon. The more you pay attention to the numbers, the higher your chances of reaching your marketing goals. 

HubSpot services include advanced analytics tools to help you measure your marketing efforts and the return on investment. In other words, you keep track of your resources and how you spend them. Plus, the numbers will tell you what’s working and what needs to be redesigned to ensure successful outcomes. 

HubSpot tracks all the metrics necessary for your analytics to have a clear image of your marketing campaigns and how they align with the overall activity. It enables you to go from making educated guesses to making data-driven decisions, resulting in a significant improvement in your campaigns’ overall performances. 

More about HubSpot benefits 


HubSpot benefits cover a multitude of tasks and marketing techniques—all those little things that add up to building a solid marketing strategy. From landing pages to social media accounts, you get to manage all touchpoints in one place to provide every prospect or customer with highly-personalized customer experience. 

To reach your marketing goals, it’s essential to use all the features that HubSpot includes correctly. Half-measures will only bring limited results and restrict your potential, giving the wrong impression that the tools aren’t effective enough and don’t meet your expectations. 

Being such a complex tool, HubSpot requires in-depth knowledge of its features to give optimal results. As a consequence, many marketers underuse the platform due to a lack of experience with the tool. If you’re wondering whether you’re getting the most out of your marketing subscription or leaving money on the table, we can help you figure things out. 

Our free HubSpot portal audit will give you an exhaustive overview of your performance to identify any gaps in your marketing. The audit also includes valuable suggestions and insights to show you what tools and features your business should regularly use to maximize the benefits of the marketing subscription so that you can grow your business better, faster.

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