Alvito Jack Sequeira

Alvito Jack Sequeira

Social Media Rockstar

Alvito Jack Sequeira, or as his friends liked to call him ‘Alvie’, is a fun-loving guy who’s always looking out for his next passion. When he’s not grinding hours at Impressa, you can find him grinding hours on a video game called ‘Valorant’, a competitive first-person shooter that he plays with his friends. \

Alvie loves journal writing, Literotica, fanfics, and so on. His love for writing started in 2013 when he signed up for anime role-playing event and never stopped writing. Besides writing, Alvie appreciates art in all forms–whether it be music, art, or dance.

After falling in love with creating music, Alvie bought his very first guitar in 2016 and has been working on his guitar skills in hopes of putting out songs someday. In 2019 he created a YouTube channel and posted funny videos with his friends for laughs and giggles. Currently his efforts have turned to creating a modeling profile in hopes of becoming a professional model in time.

Areas of expertise

Social Media Management