Charlotte Mondal

Charlotte Mondal

Grammar Geek

Charlotte found an affinity for words at the age of 15 when she started writing short stories for local newspapers. She joined the team at Impressa Solutions in March of 2022 as a part-time social media manager, but quickly found her home in the crevices of the content team. She spends most of her time writing blog posts and being as productive as she can be!

Outside work, Charlotte spends her academic life buried under books on Economics as she deals with the turmoil of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the subject from the University of Calcutta. She lives with a growing passion for finance, but finds her way back to her true love, writing, within the hallowed hall at Impressa Solutions.

She currently resides in Calcutta, India, reading as many books as she possibly can, painting on every free surface available to her, and drowning herself in coffee when she is not studying or working!

Areas of expertise

Content Creation | Writing | Editing | Social Media