Estefania Galvan

Estefania Galvan

Doodle Technician

A Fine Arts major with a wide skill set from Lima, Peru, Estefania has come full circle on her career’s direction and her love for living abroad. Initially enrolled in school for Graphic Design at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, life’s curveballs lead her to finishing her major in Fashion Design and a Master’s in Fashion Styling before an opportunity as a Professional Food and Product Photographer lead her back to the world of graphics—and she is endlessly grateful for those who have given her opportunities and trusted her talent along the way.

In her 20s, Estefania loved living abroad, but after her degree, getting married, and having two kids, she thought that life was over—until the opportunity to immigrate to Canada fell into her lap. She jumped on it and moved her family to Vancouver, where they currently enjoy getting outside, going on hikes, and soaking up the crazy weather. Estefania also loves creating illustrations, watching movies and tasting different cuisines.

Areas of expertise

Illustration | Graphic Design | Photography