Darla Maestas

Shalini Chowdhury

Lead Social Wizard

Born in the internet era, Shalini spent most of her teenage years navigating different social media platforms and growing accounts. This quickly turned into short-term gigs with different clients on Upwork until she landed a contract with Impressa in 2020 as a part-time social media manager.

Her position at Impressa grew exponentially, from dedicating 10-15 hours a week to moving to full-time and leading the entire social media team in 2 months. Under Julie's guidance, she also started taking up Hubspot-related tasks and realised she had a passion for technical marketing and automation. While marketing and strategy stuff was still new and relatively unexplored, she liked logic and workflows and implementing things in Hubspot.

Currently, she has moved out of India and pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminology from Nottingham Trent University, England. When she's not leading two teams at Impressa, she likes shooting things in Valorant and Fortnite and buying books she'll never end up reading.

Areas of expertise

Social media marketing and strategy | Inbound marketing | Project management | Team management | Hubspot strategy and implementation | Hubspot audits | Hubspot Onboarding | Hubspot support Hubspot training | Marketing automation | Sales enablement | Campaign management