Why inbound?

Attracting. Engaging. Delighting.


Inbound attracts leads

Unlike old school ads aiming for anyone who passes by, inbound brings ideal leads right to you.

Inbound marketing methods provide your audience with valuable information and helpful solutions. This introduces you to new leads and builds trust that brings folks closer to becoming clients or customers. 

Inbound marketing image: hand with magnet illustration

What is inbound?

Inbound operates on three principal ideas that make up the buyer’s journey:

1. Attracting your audience with helpful and relevant content

2. Engaging them by solving their pain points

3. Delighting them with ongoing helpful advice, expertise, and all-around great service


Leads by example

Nature vs nurture? Nurture, naturally.

Lead nurturing turns a prospect into a customer.

Nurturing leads into customers can entail personalized content, curated lists, lead scoring, clever workflows, social outreach, and alignment between sales and marketing. Figuring out the right combination of these things is an art and a science, and while it sounds daunting, don't worry. We've got this. 


Full-scale campaign management

From campaign-worthy to champagne-worthy

We treat campaign management like orchestrating a symphony. There are a ton of instruments that need to come together and play in harmony if we want maximum ROI from your efforts. Well, a wave of our conductor’s wand and everything comes together to make sweet, sweet marketing music.


We’re all about the big picture

And we don't do paint-by-numbers

    Any masterpiece is carefully composed of individual brushstrokes, and a well-functioning inbound marketing machine is a work of art! We create a custom Marketing Strategy Roadmap for our clients that is based on their objectives, relevant to their audience, on-brand, and built for their budget. 


      We heart HubSpot

      HubSpot is a marketing innovator and an industry leader, which is why we’re proud to say Impressa Solutions is a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency. Besides having a really cool badge we can flash like police officers, it also allows us and our clients to take full advantage of the inbound edge the platform offers. 


      Our clients have something to say… about us!

      • Some of our best articles are written by Julie’s team!

        It has always been excellent working with Julie and her team. They are responsive and receptive to client requirements and did not only excel in content writing but also content distribution and link building.

        -Adeel Raza, CEO MailMunch

      • Impressa is critical to our lead generation strategy.

        They have become a trusted partner of Digiscribe. We rely on them for creative content development and thought leadership to help propel our digital marketing campaigns.

        -Ellen Rothschild, Partner & Chief Marketing Officer Digiscribe

      • Lucky for us, we have someone to help us: Impressa Solutions.

        Not only is Impressa’s communication style and writing very polished but they’re also quick to grasp any aspect of business and operations – a combination which is difficult to find! Impressa has been an immense help to our systemized industry outreach machine and for that we’re very grateful.

        -Greg Archbald, Founder & CEO Greasebook

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