Darla Maestas

Darla Maestas

Web and Security Empress

Darla is a web developer by trade, soon to be cyber security specialist by degree, and musician by leisure. She joined Impressa Solutions early in 2022 with the original intent of being a contract web developer for a few projects. But as the months went by, she was escalated into a management position overseeing other developers in huge projects.

She evolved her development/management skills by immersing herself in HubSpot. She specializes in integrating data from other platforms, developing landing pages, creating email templates, and setting up third-party integrations.

Darla lives in Virginia with her boyfriend River, his father Kevin, and several farm animals on an estate they all pitch into together.  Outside of Impressa, she teaches children how to develop video games, goes to college at Drexel University, and develops websites. In her free time, she loves to sing, play guitar/piano, play video games, cook, and plays with makeup!

Areas of expertise

Full Stack Webflow Development | Full Stack Web Development | WordPress Development | 

HubSpot Intergration | Database Management | Systems Analysis