Maria Berns

Maria Berns

Travelling Writer

Maria joined Impressa in 2022 to contribute through her writing to the growth of small businesses.

Originally from Argentina, she now lives in Mexico after studying and working as a film college professor in the US for more than 10 years. She has been working as a freelance writer helping businesses of all sizes, which she especially enjoys as someone who comes from an entrepreneurial family. Additionally, by following her father’s teachings on how to commit to develop people’s interests, she ensures the caliber of work that clients deserve.

Maria regularly writes scripts for business and at the same time also delves into the fictional realm. Many of the films that she has directed have been screened at international festivals.

She loves to walk around, which she sees as part of her writing and creative processes. She is passionate about getting to know new people and worlds, as well as designing film projects that allows her to do just that. Getting immersed in unusual environments is a thrill for her as she goes about exploring the worlds that reside within different sides of towns, cities and countries.

This curiosity drives her love of traveling which, accordingly, is essential to sparking creativity.