Julie Ewald, CEO, Impressa Solutions

Julie Ewald

Chief Everything Officer

Julie Ewald founded Impressa Solutions in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 in the middle of a successful freelancing career. What started as side projects for friends, family, and former employers started to heat up, and she had to make a choice: it was either start turning down new business and reject requests from current clients or make a big leap and start a new business. It should be obvious, but if you hadn’t guessed, she chose the latter.

Today, Julie serves as Team Impressa’s Chief Everything Officer, effectively heading up business development, training, and strategic initiatives. She is also an active speaker on topics pertaining to digital marketing, agency development, and the evolving world of work.  

Julie is a frequent traveler, but her current home base is Milwaukee, WI. She resides there with her significant other/Impressa Art Czar Ben Schkade and their cat, Fathead. In her down time, she enjoys green tea, indoor gardening, learning new languages, knitting, and yoga.

Areas of expertise

agency growth consulting | brand building | business development | content marketing | content strategy | digital strategy | HubSpot CRM | HubSpot marketing and sales support | inbound marketing | marketing strategy | sales enablement | search engine optimization | social media strategy | speaking | training


Blog Posts

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