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Use a blog to supplement all of your marketing efforts

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Yep. All.

Blogging is a perfect companion to every campaign in one capacity or another. How?

More information for prospects

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When you are running a marketing or PR campaign, your blog is a really rad tool to let your prospects know additional information that may help them in making a decision.

If you’ve received several of the same questions, or queries that need a ton of explanation, make a post about them instead of just creating an FAQ entry. Write posts about questions you anticipate too—beat them to the punch. Do this by explaining anything that is very technical or confusing.

You should also consider highlighting important benefits that might otherwise get missed in your other marketing materials. Consider breaking down a different topic in each post.

More information for press

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If you are trying to build buzz, your blog is the perfect place to seed more details for media outlets to pick up on. You want to do posts that seem primed for appealing to the media, which probably means topics that could get them high traffic and even go viral.

One track for this is to share success stories and case studies—the more touching or ridiculous or exciting the better. Hopefully, you can include images or videos they can easily scoop up to include in their stories.

If you’ve already received press, one post idea is to round up the attention that the campaign is getting in a single post. Editors are more likely to take your story and run with it if they see that a bunch of other outlets have already been paying attention.

More attention organically

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If you want more people who’d be interested in your campaign to know about your campaign, you probably want the search to factor in. That means you will be creating optimized content to seize on related terms your ideal clients could be searching for.

This same content could be the stuff you seed on social, especially if there’s a solid call to action in it. Set it up to reach targeted audiences, and incorporate your keywords (if that’s a thing on that network) to get more potentially interested eyes on it.

More sales for you

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Assuming you are selling something (aren’t we all?), you can use your blog as a tool to drive sales. Again, you need that call to action in there, but that’s not all!

To help convert sales, you should consider very audience-focused posts that help solve their problems—in part with your post, and in part with your product or service. Or you could use your blog to post fun flowcharts, quizzes, infographics, and other content about who may benefit or how one may benefit from your service, with your ideal clients and their wants always ending up the answer.

And more!

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Of course, there’s more. These were just a few reasons why you should supplement your marketing efforts by really working your blog.

Before you can reap the benefits of having a business blog, however, you’ll want to first establish your company’s brand blueprint. Why? Well,  if you start blogging without a goal in mind, without an idea of what your brand represents, then you’re only setting yourself up for failure. A brand blueprint will help determine what you will write about, who are you writing it for, and the platform that message should be posted on.

If you’d like to know more, you may want to consider snagging a copy of the brand blueprint now for free!

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