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New website, who dis

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Team Impressa is on a campaign to get all our shenanigans sorted as we inch closer to our seven-year anniversary. With this, we finally stopped doing the same “do as I say, not as I do” BS so many marketers are guilty of.

I’m telling you this because solid, thought-out, goal-focused strategies work. Inbound marketing, when done both well and consistently, works. The inbound approach to sales works. HubSpot works. Basically, the things that we recommend–to leads, clients, colleagues, collaborators, conference audiences, ebook readers, social media followers, and anyone who will listen–all work.

And as with most marketers, when we sit down and tell you that these things will work for your business, you just have to believe us… and the handful of testimonials and/or case studies we may manage to scrape up from current and previous clients.

But, we need to do better. We need to show you it all works by doing it for ourselves, thoroughly, the right way. This allows us to be our own best clients and be even more transparent, showing you what did and did not work, what kind of results we achieve, and how that ends up impacting our bottom line. And, speaking of the bottom line, because all of this stuff does work, we’re growing our business in ways that just weren’t possible when we were half-assing it and putting our own marketing perpetually on the back burner.

You can do it too

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We meet a lot of other marketers, small consultancies, and small tech companies that don’t have documented processes, lack stated objectives, and carry on in a more-or-less ad-hoc way. This often makes it impossible to put your finger on what is or isn’t working. It makes figuring out ROI–or even whether or not there is ROI–almost (or actually) impossible. It creates redundancies and inefficiencies that can gut budgets. Leads slip through the cracks. Conversions aren’t happening… or at least they aren’t as often as they could. And I could keep going, but you get the gist: it’s a bad scene. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Sure, we’re not going to completely spill our guts in a blog post to show you step-by-step everything we did, but I want to give you an idea of what it could look like for your organization if you would take the plunge and fully sort your brand, develop cohesive marketing and sales strategies, and get your web presence and branding in line.

Do what, now?

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So, what the heck are we up to? Well, I’m happy you asked.

  • We started out by doing a Brand Blueprint and comprehensive Marketing Strategy Roadmap for ourselves. We’ve worked with well over a dozen clients through one or both of these processes, and we never did this for ourselves before!!!
  • Then we whipped up a sales plan and did comprehensive goal-setting with month-by-month objectives and actions for sales and marketing.
  • We dug in and finally fully set up our CRM, sorted our deal stages, defined our sales process, documented and refined our new client onboarding, and got a whole bunch of stuff squared away.
  • We retained a fabulously fierce fractional CFO. She’s working with us to review and refine our financials to help us be more efficient and profitable while being able to bring more value to the table for our clients.
  • New terms and conditions with fresh attorney-approved boilerplate for our contracts was created.
  • We created a new editorial calendar to correspond to our new strategy, and just about the whole team is involved in creating content for our inbound efforts on the regular.
  • Our new (yet incredibly similar to the old) color scheme is slowly being rolled out.
  • The team got cool new titles and fabulous new photos.
  • BUT the most obvious new thing is our shiny new website. The Impressa Solutions site has been fully redone: new design, new graphics, new photos, and new content.

And there is a lot more coming soon! Some of these things include:

  • Our old blog posts are getting some love with a few updates and upgrades.
  • All of our content offers, landing pages, and templates are going to be revised to be in line with our new branding.
  • Our social channels will be edited to align with our new look.
  • A new logo is going to be developed.
  • New business cards will be designed.
  • More in-depth resources including books and courses are going to be rolled out.
  • We’re going to be doing more video and may even wade into podcasting.

That’s a lot

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Yes, this all seems like a lot, and I may have thought it wasn’t doable for our agency… if we hadn’t just got done doing it.

All of the things we’ve already done happened pretty dang quickly, over the course of about four months. And all of this was relatively affordable, especially given our new sales and revenue projections based on our new plan! Digging into our currently shallow pockets for this seemed like a steal once we worked the numbers and got our eyes on our anticipated ROI.

Of course, this is just the beginning. It’s like Day Zero of us being our own best customer, of Team Impressa being our own super impressive case study. There is more that needs to be done on an ongoing and consistent basis to keep our sales and marketing machine humming along and working for us. The whole team is over-the-moon excited about it!

We want you to be just as excited about your branding, marketing, and sales efforts.

If you couldn’t guess where I was going with this, let me come right out and say it: we can help you do it.

Book a content evaluation for us to give your website and web presence a once-over. It’s a quick 30-minute call where we scan for issues, troubleshoot, and make suggestions. If we’re lucky, we may work together in the future, but at the very least, we can help point you in the right direction.


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