EP08: The problem with Generic Marketing Voice with Jon McGreevy

Julie Ewald

In this episode, we are joined by John McGreevy, a freelance copywriter and email strategist who helps SaaS companies be less boring. John shares his dislike for marketing emails and explains why he chose this niche in his copywriting career. He discusses the frustration of badly written, boring, and thoughtless marketing emails, and how he unsubscribes from most of them. Despite his initial aversion to email copywriting, John reveals that he eventually realized the potential and importance of well-crafted and engaging emails. Tune in to learn more about John’s perspective on email marketing and how he brings creativity to this often mundane task.

EP07: #SEOcean & Creative Link building in SEO with Kevin Rowe

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In this episode of the Allbound Awesomeness Podcast, host and CEO of Impressa Solutions, Julie Ewald, interviews Kevin Rowe, founder of PureLink, an enterprise link-building solution, and a product-focused SEO. Kevin discusses his passion for ocean plastic pollution and how he is raising awareness in the SEO community through his SEOcean initiative. He also shares his expertise in developing world-class SEO and link-building programs for enterprise clients, including Hyatt Hotels, Kaplan University, and Coca-Cola. Listeners can expect to gain insights into effective inbound and outbound marketing and sales strategies.

EP06: Driving revenue through marketing with Trevor Park

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In this episode of the Allbound Awesomeness podcast, host Julie Ewald Interviews Trevor Park, VP of Marketing for Rent Dynamics. Julie introduces Trevor and his background, discussing his focus on connecting people and providing access to reliable data, strategic solutions, and world-class support. They also talk about Trevor’s personal life, his love for exploring new parts of the Pacific Northwest, and trying new tequilas with his wife and their new baby, Ella. Julie and Trevor discuss current marketing trends and Trevor’s latest endeavor, Dynamic Insights.

EP04: The Power of Communal Connection with Mark Schaefer

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In this episode of All-Bounded Awesomeness, host Julie interviews acclaimed marketing consultant and author, Mark Schafer, about his latest book, “Belonging to the Brand.” Mark shares how most business communities fail because they focus on selling to customers rather than building genuine relationships with them. Instead, Mark offers a fresh perspective on brand communities, emphasizing the importance of creating an emotional connection with customers through shared beliefs and values. Julie and Mark discuss the power of community and how brands can use it to foster loyalty and advocacy.

EP03: How Value-Based Pricing and Customer Feedback Can Strengthen Agency Relationships and Accelerate Sales with Max Traylor

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In this episode of the Allbound Awesomeness podcast, host Julie Ewald interviews Max Traylor, author of The Agency Survival Guide and host of the Beers with Max podcast. Max works with agencies to help them productize their consulting services for greater impact and less effort. He shares how he got into marketing and started his own agency at a young age, and also discusses the importance of building a business around your personal life.

EP01: Is gated content still working in 2023 with Teodora Pirciu

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Today we’re going to dive into the world of B2B content marketing and chat specifically about gated content. It’s been a pretty common lead generation technique in the past, but we’re starting to question if it’s as effective as it used to be, especially when it comes to getting contact information from those important decision-makers.

Illustration of a man sitting with his palm on his face and elbow on his desk that has a piece of paper & a megaphone OMG! Viral marketing isn't really a thing! main image

OMG! Viral marketing isn’t really a thing!

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A client dumped us a few summers ago. After a very warm working relationship over several months, I received a very cold email out of the blue telling us our content and consulting services–including the content marketing strategy we were making them–were no longer needed because they decided to do “viral marketing.”