Your first step to a Marketing Strategy Roadmap: The Brand Blueprint

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As an entrepreneur that had, at some point, defined your product or service, you now feel ready to start showing it off to the world.  You want to start churning out content, attracting traffic that will turn into leads and convert to customers before they even know what hit them. If only B2B marketing would be that simple…Read More

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Do you ever need a search engine submission service?

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Spoiler alert: Nope!

Search engines used to need a bit of direction to find new sites, but, fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. Search engines have evolved; they crawl the web, follow links, and find you. You can help them along by getting out there and spreading the word about your new site, as those links make you easier to find.

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A social media mistake your business might be making

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For many businesses, social media seems like it should be easy. Put up a Facebook post here, a LinkedIn post there, Tweet and hashtag, and you’re all set to grow your audience and make a bunch of that Internet money, right?

Ehh… Not so much.

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The #1 B2B content marketing strategy fail

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So, you’ve come up with a topic, done your research, and created a fantastic piece of content, perfectly aligned with your inbound strategy and sure to give readers what they’re looking for. You click that faithful “Publish” button.

And now… you wait for magic to happen, right? Wrong.

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